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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect from Therapy?

Therapy has come a long ways from laying on a couch and spilling your guts.  My focus is on making sure that you get what you put into your therapy.  I will be there to help you with your journey.  Some sessions may be more structured than others.  We will create a plan with goals for you to work on and we try and stay on this subject.  Life does not always work the way we want, so there may be times that you feel you need to address something else and we will do that.

Who pays for the services?


Some insurances cover mental health therapy and others don't.  I would strongly recommend that you contact your insurance provider and ask them questions in regard to covering mental health therapy.  You can navigate to my insurances page to see what insurance that I currently accept.  If there is no insurance coverage, then the patient would be responsible for the payment.  Contact us to talk about our private pay services.

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact me @ 316-288-3504 or

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